Meet the Team

The Farm Table Team hail from far and wide, yet each individual member is united in their shared passion for rural Australia. We work hard to ensure Farm Table continues to build on its name – a reliable, trustworthy, Australian-wide agricultural knowledge platform that helps farmers grow. Each of the Farm Table team brings something different to the table, ensuring that our members get the support they need to help their organisations, farms and knowledge grow.

Our Purpose

Farm Table is Australia's foremost agricultural platform, bringing together the best of Australian agriculture. We source, collate, and aggregate agricultural information, tools, and opportunities from across the industry into a cohesive and digestible format that provides critical support to every member of the Aussie ag industry. Farm Table links members into a thriving network, improving information flow across the entire industry, contributing to a more connected, collaborative, and innovative Australian agricultural sector. It has become key to helping primary producers maintain and grow their productivity, remain up to date, explore valuable opportunities, and connect with other farmers, farming services and industry specialists.

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    Producer focused

    Purposefully placing farmers and producers at the heart of the platform ensures that Farm Table’s content holds relevance to all members of the ag industry. Farm Table links producers into a dynamic, comprehensive resource portal, one that can provide immediate answers, solutions, and capacity building opportunities. All found in one location and updated in real time.

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    Driving Growth

    Farm Table has been built as a producer’s ‘online’ assistant used by farmers and producers wishing to maximise their growth. Farm Table is a trusted industry-wide ecosystem that brings together Australian ag knowledge, opportunities, people, and business. Our all-inclusive methodology is purposefully aimed to drive growth for all members of the Australian ag industry

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    Sharing Knowledge

    Farm Table harnesses the collective knowhow of the entire ag industry, providing the perfect ecosystem for two-way collaboration. It expertly augments industry knowledge and information in a simple and effective way, thereby ensuring ag opportunities are directed to where they’re needed most.

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    Where Farmers go to grow

    No longer do farmers, student or agribusinesses professionals need to spend hours upon hour searching for the answers the need across the infinitely endless web. The Farm Table does that work for the industry

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