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Farm Table is Australia’s first national knowledge-exchange agricultural platform providing a vital service to the Australian Ag Industry. It was recognised that farmers need a tool where they can access personalised, up-to-date, practical, and digestible information to assist them successfully run their businesses within an ever-increasing environment typified by complexity, cost pressures, regulation, and structural change. Farm Table brings together the most up-to-date ag industry information, expertise, and opportunities into one place, saving time and effort and making it an essential lifeline for all Australian agricultural industry members. It sources, collates, and catalogues all emerging agricultural know-how and information, best management practices, current innovative methods, ag events, and workshops or seminars from across the industry, into a cohesive and digestible format, enabling users to access pertinent information quickly and easily. The Farm Table platform has been purpose-built to connect producers, businesses, and industry organisations to each other. This simple tactic ensures that we provide a collaborative 'meeting place', directly linking all industry members into an ever-expanding and interconnected network that offers tangible benefits to all. It has become key to helping primary producers maintain and grow their productivity, remain up to date, explore opportunities, and connect with other farmers, farming services, and industry specialists.

Strategically placing farmers and producers at the centre of the platform ensures that Farm Table’s content holds relevance to all other members and services of the Australian agricultural industry, thereby assisting the sector, to grow and thrive.

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What does Farm Table do?

Farm Table's features

Farm Table acts as a producer’s ‘online’ assistant by offering a vast selection of resources, know-how and opportunities - accessible from anywhere, and at any time. This provides vital, time-saving assistance to the entire ag collective which, until Farm Table’s establishment, was always the time-consuming responsibility of the individual.

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A primary producer-focused, time-saving information resource for you

Farm Table membership

Farm Table offers a selection of customised membership packages to benefit farmers and producers, rural and agricultural businesses & membership organisations. By signing up to a Free Farm Table membership, individual members can access a huge selection of ag-specific resources and opportunities, bookmark relevant pages for later reading, enjoy a personalised dashboard for easy access to information, and receive a subscription to our fortnightly eRoundUp, Farm Table's fortnightly eNewsletter.

Agribusinesses can build new and ever-growing audiences, extend business reach and exposure, promote and showcase services, products, and industry know-how, as well as link into a dynamic, industry focused platform that can expand their profile and significantly increase their business.

Member organisations can host their own knowledge hub, hold webinars or conferences, or host collective marketing campaigns. They can also benefit from the customisation of a private members' platform tailored specifically to the needs of their organisation; one that enhances membership, strengthens audience reach, and delivers services to its members promptly and effectively within a secure system.
All Farm Table packages can be tailored to reach an Australian-wide audience or via locality, industry, or subject specialty.

Hear from one of our members

It can be a bit overwhelming when looking for a particular information source on the internet, and I personally view Farm Table as a great resource that does the hard work for me! The ability to have a one stop central site that previews and accumulates similar groups of data and information is hugely beneficial and makes my life easier.
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Who uses Farm Table?

  • Primary Producers

    Farm Table has been created first and foremost with primary producers in mind. Find resources specific to your area of interest, the latest funding opportunities, ag events and courses to upgrade your skills and build your capacity.

  • Member Organisations

    Use Farm Table to host your own private members platform, including the capability to host your own knowledge hub, webinars, conferences, or collective marketing campaigns, Australia-wide or via locality, industry, or subject speciality.

  • State & Local Government Departments

    Using Farm Table's technologies and interactive user base, you can expand your target audience, and better deliver your service outcomes and key messaging to the broader Australian agricultural sector.

  • Agri-Businesses

    Extend your message reach by building new audiences across Australia. Connect with a dynamic, industry focused platform to expand your profile and increase your business. Promote and showcase your services, products, and industry know-how.

  • Ag Event Organisers

    Promote all your ag events and conferences, workshops or seminars through user generated content. Opt for live video streaming on your own domain, with your own branding, using Farm Table's technologies.

  • Ag Research Organisations

    Farm Table is an industry wide knowledge hub, purpose built to connect primary producers, and other members of the agricultural sector, to the latest ag knowledge and key research areas specific to their speciality or interest.

  • Ag Course Providers

    Expand your audience via Farm Table's Australia wide reach and digital infrastructure. Host your own courses and increase promotional capacity. Use Farm Table's infrastructure to host your courses via Farm Table's servers, saving you time and money.

  • Ag Marketing / Publicists

    Farm Table can assist you in delivering your message directly into the right people's inboxes across Australia. Farm Table can assist you to get your client's message out to more people, and to a targeted audience.

  • Agricultural Consultants

    Using Farm Table's network allows ag consultants to expand their reach to a far greater audience Australia-wide. In addition to word-of-mouth referrals, publicise testimonials via Farm Table and its targeted user base.

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