What is Accelerate?

What is Accelerate?

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is the third and last section of the new Farm Table ecosystem to launch on November 9.

Accelerate will become a comprehensive technology and software library so farmers can find agricultural products and software on the market to aid future investment decisions. Farmers can also browse articles and reports from across the country and the world to enable them to feel more confident about the options available to them.

Why was it developed?

The Australian agricultural industry is undergoing rapid technological advancement, with an array of new innovations available to farmers to assist them in driving their businesses forward.

From livestock and cropping precision technologies, integrated remote sensing networks, farm management software and apps, to handling, milking and feeding equipment, the amount of available options can be overwhelming.

It is often difficult to understand what is the right technology solution for us, particularly with so many options available.

Why is it called Accelerate?

We understand that experience, getting the basics right and hard work is key to building a successful farming future. The next step to really take a business to the next level is using technology and innovation to drive productivity, gain efficiencies and meet market opportunities.

Accelerate, by definition, means to move faster or gain speed or to make things happen more quickly. The innovation hub on the Farm Table enables farmers to more easily access and compare options for them to drive their businesses forward.

Can organisations add their products, software or equipment?


We are building a central point for farmers to start assessing and comparing their agtech options. If you would like your product as part of the hub, we would love to hear from you.

We will have more information shortly about how you can log in with a unique account and update and upload your courses, events and funding from your own dashboard. This ensures your post is relevant, accurate, personalised and timely and you can update it whenever you like.

Learn more

Sign up for our online launch event at www.farmtable.com.au to receive updates and information on how to take a seat at the Table.

Airlie Landale

Airlie Landale is an Agricultural Economist and Independent Consultant at Landale Rural who works part time on her family farm out of Deniliquin. With a background in commercial business, farming and corporate agriculture and a passion for the Australian agricultural industry. Prior to Farm Table Airlie worked at Macquarie Bank as an Agricultural Business Analyst and was named as a ‘Tomorrow Maker’ by the AMP Foundation. As well as this Airlie was NSW Rural Young Achiever of the year.