Dr. Murat Unal

Dr. Murat Unal – Ecosystem Intelligence Officer

Dr Murat Ünal, MBA, LLM, Chief Intelligence Officer & Founder AGCUMEN/ SONEAN

Murat graduated from the University of Adelaide/Australia with a B.Com degree. He holds an M.B.A from Kellogg/USA and WHU/Germany and its network programs at Tel Aviv Uni/Israel and Hong Kong Uni of Science and Technology/China SAR. Murat further has a LL.M. from the School of Law at Northwestern Uni in Chicago and a Doctorate in Business Administration from IE Business School (Madrid) specializing in network analysis/science.

His research interest lies in narrow AI (particularly the area of machine learning, natural language processing, autonomous vehicles/robotics), Human Computer Interaction, Platform Technologies and above all Network Science which plays a crucial role in complex systems, and will be a core building block for future breakthroughs in AI related research & developments.

SONEAN, the company he co-founded in 2013, has among others been active in the agricultural technology sector since 2015, running also an Ecosystem Intelligence backbone for one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world. In the agricultural industry e.g. a network science based model of the sector represents the basis for SONEAN`s intelligence gathering across 150+ countries. Highly structured and tagged data related to all relevant developments among organizational customers, competitors, and other relevant institutions, which are central to the global agricultural industry network, allow SONEAN´s clients unparalleled visualization and analytical capabilities, with all data being translated into e.g. English eliminating all language barriers. Customers can also analyze the connected intelligence visually, geographically, and over time providing them a 360 degree perspective to make better informed, data driven, tactical and strategic decisions based on actionable intelligence rather than gut feeling.


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