Media Release: AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds partnering with Farm Table

Media Release: AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds partnering with Farm Table

November 3, 2017

Australian farmers are hungry for information about new research, products and innovative solutions that will improve their farm operations, productivity and profitability. In particular, farmers are seeking to improve animal performance and push up their Operating Profit/DSE and Operating Profit/Ha.

However, farmers are often overwhelmed with how to access this knowledge quickly and easily in an increasingly online world marked by information overload.

The Farm Table will be an online space where farmers can go to explore knowledge –research, reports and guides — as well as new products and software solutions relevant to fodder, forage and pastures and animal production.

The November 9 launch is proudly supported by AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds. AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds have come together, two self-made, family-driven seed businesses, to become the most experienced, innovative and well-equipped seed company in Australia.

Image: A trial site at Aberdeen, where the organisation also holds workshops for growers. (AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds)

AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds are committed to helping farmers achieve the full potential of their crops, pastures and land by giving them access to some of the best seeds and advice available.

Their value lies in the fact that they don’t just stock selected premium seed brands, they are involved in every step of the process; from the production of the seed itself, its cleaning and mixing to innovative seed coatings. They run Australian, even state specific trials, to give the best advice on how to plant with farmers and agronomists.

Blair McCormick of AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds, commented “AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds are excited to be partnering with The Farm Table. As a seed distributor and a ‘one-stop seed shop’, we see similarities in our approaches to the industry, to provide an agricultural service that is simple and effective.” We look forward to supporting The Farm Table and connecting the whole Agricultural community into the future,” continued Blair.

Image: The Eugowra trial site, where Sarah is explaining the fit of different annual and Italian ryegrass varieties for the local area to agronomists and farmers (AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds)

Airlie Trescowthick, Founder and MD of the Farm Table is excited by the opportunity to partner with AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds.

“I had the opportunity to work with both parts of the organisation last year and was impressed by the calibre of their staff, their commitment to seed trials and focus on the end game, farmer productivity and profitability,” stated Airlie.

“They are a high-quality organisation and we are grateful for their ongoing support”.

Please visit to register for the launch event.

Airlie Landale

Airlie Landale is an Agricultural Economist and Independent Consultant at Landale Rural who works part time on her family farm out of Deniliquin. With a background in commercial business, farming and corporate agriculture and a passion for the Australian agricultural industry. Prior to Farm Table Airlie worked at Macquarie Bank as an Agricultural Business Analyst and was named as a ‘Tomorrow Maker’ by the AMP Foundation. As well as this Airlie was NSW Rural Young Achiever of the year.