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Welcome to Farm Table, Australia’s foremost agricultural platform providing a vital service to the Australian Ag Industry.

Farm Table brings together the most up-to-date ag industry information, expertise, and opportunities into one place, saving time and effort and making it an essential lifeline for all Australian agricultural industry members. It sources, collates, and catalogues all emerging agricultural know-how and information, best management practices, current innovative methods, ag events, and workshops or seminars from across the industry, into a cohesive and digestible format, enabling users to access pertinent information quickly and easily.

It has become key to helping primary producers maintain and grow their productivity, remain up to date, explore opportunities, and connect with other farmers, farming services, and industry specialists.

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About Farm Table

What is Farm Table?

Farm Table acts as a producer’s ‘online’ assistant by offering a vast selection of resources, know-how and opportunities - accessible from anywhere, and at any time. This provides vital, time-saving assistance to the entire ag collective which, until Farm Table’s establishment, was always the time-consuming responsibility of the individual.

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