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What is the Farm Table? Farm Table is the first truly national platform that brings together the Australian Agricultural industry’s knowledge and connects farmers in a way never seen before. 

The vision is to be where farmers feel at home online, a one port of call to access the industry’s knowledge and goings-on. Learn more here.

Why should I join the Farm Table family?

The Farm Table is a one-stop shop for farming information. We are all incredibly busy so we want to bring you the latest tools, research and opportunities to you quickly in one place. It’s about saving time for farmers online so you can more easily find what you are looking for.  

You can get the most from the platform by registering as a member. Registering is free and easy and comes with a host of benefits.

How can I get involved?  

If you are a current, aspiring or retired farmer, member of a farming business or an agricultural student, you can register as a FREE PRODUCER MEMBER. Being a producer herself, Airlie created the Farm Table for farmers at no cost.  

If you are a member of an agriservice organisation or in a related ag industry, please register a membership through FARM TABLE FOR BUSINESS or FARM TABLE FOR ENTERPRISE.  



Each farmer will have a personalised user dashboard where you can save favourite resources, and create your own library to come back to at a time that suits you. 

It also has the latest news and weather relevant to you in the one spot.


Joining the Farm Table registers you for the Farmer Exchange, Australia's online peer-to-peer sharing platform. One log-in enables you to ask questions and share your knowledge and access the Farm Table's suite of information. Learn more about the Farmer Exchange here.


Social media news whizzing by at an increasingly fast rate? Our new weekly e-Roundup is pretty amazing - it comes out every Friday and rounds up news and opportunities across Australian agriculture and delivers them to you. You can opt out at any time.


We've worked hard to create an ecosystem that makes the web a better place for farmers. 


Signing up as a free member with the Farm Table comes with loads of benefits. 


Just think of us as your online sidekick saving you time and frustration online!

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose

To be the online home of a connected, sustainable and profitable Australian agricultural industry.  

By creating a trusted and independent industry-wide ecosystem that brings knowledge, people and business together, our mission is to drive innovation and growth for all involved in Australian agriculture.  

To make the online experience for farmers more accessible, efficient and rewarding.  

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