Why the Farm Table?

The Australian agricultural sector is moving forward at a rapid pace, facing new and old challenges and opportunities. However, it is how farmers respond to these impending opportunities, and tackle shared challenges that will determine the success of the industry as a whole.

Learning from those that have gone before us is incredibly important to ensure the generational knowledge, skills and years of experience are not lost. Connecting farmers to other farmers, across production systems, across generations, and across the country will give us all the greatest chance of sharing knowledge, growth, and ultimately success.

Farm Table is the first truly national platform that brings together the Australian Agricultural industry’s knowledge and connects farmers in a way never seen before.

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content out there and the frustrations and time taken to find agricultural resources and opportunities, the Farm Table idea was first borne back in 2014. Three years of testing, learning and developing later, the Farm Table 2.0 is set to launch. The vision is to be where farmers feel at home, a one port of call to access the industry’s knowledge and goings-on.

The Farm Table signifies a collaborative and open meeting place, a round table of information sharing, for the Australian agricultural industry. The table will be abundant and beneficial to all, if everyone brings something to the table.

A forum for lamb producers to share with dairy farmers, for horticulturalists to chat to cattle enthusiasts, and for viticulturists to talk shop with poultry experts.

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