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Why The Farm Table?

The Farm Table’, signifies a collaborative and open meeting place, a round table of information sharing, for the Australian agricultural industry. The table will be abundant and beneficial to all, if everyone brings something to the table.

A forum for lamb producers to share with dairy farmers, for horticulturalists to chat to cattle enthusiasts, and for viticulturists to talk shop with poultry experts.

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Why join Farm Table for Business?


We’ve worked hard to create an ecosystem that makes the web a better place for farmers.

Built by farmers, for farmers, the Farm Table is set to become the go-to website for Australian farmers and agribusinesses.

The next step is to connect great farmers with great businesses. Is that you?

We have designed agribusiness memberships based on speaking to organisations like yours across the country. We understand your needs and frustrations online.

We have thought long and hard about how to connect your organisation to farmers in a more meaningful way  and created a membership model that new, innovative and aimed at giving you the best bang for your buck.

Our business memberships focus on three key things:

  • Affordability: our memberships are based on an annual subscription and are very affordable compared to traditional advertising options.
  • Reach: our farmer base is Australia-wide and we are set to become the online home for every farmer across the country.
  • Innovation: your membership entitles you to an organisation dashboard, from where you can edit and upload content, retaining control over the accuracy and timelines of what you post.

In addition to your own unique dashboard, a membership provides three things:

  1. Central Business Directory: Farmers are able to find your business quickly and easily in our Central Table Business Directory
  2. Tags/Keywords: Outside of the Business Directory, you get to choose where your organisation is also visible to farmers when they searching throughout the entire Farm Table ecosystem. Learn more about tags here.
  3. Uploads/content: Want to share your products, content, events or courses on the Farm Table? Upload and share so more farmers can learn about what you do. Learn more about uploads here.

How much does a membership cost?

Please refer to Pricing FAQ.

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When is the membership year?

Farm Table’s membership year begins when you join the webportal as a member and renews every 12-months.

A reminder is sent out 4 weeks prior to your membership expiring.

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What’s the difference between Events/Short Courses & Training/Education Programs?

There is a subtle, yet important distinction between whether you add an Event/Short Course or a Training/Education Program.

  • Events/Shorts Courses are time specific and more often that not, in the near future. They have a start and end date and go into the Farm Table Calendar.
  • Training/Education Programs are longer courses that are less time specific.

If you have any further questions, please email us at support@farmtable.com.au.

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What payment methods are accepted?

At the Farm Table we use a payment processing gateway called Stripe, which is very similar to Paypal.

You don’t need a Stripe account, you can simply pay via Mastercard or Visa.

If you would like to pay via cheque please post cheques including your membership number to PO Box 171, Deniliquin, NSW 2710.

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What is the vision of the Farm Table?

The Farm Table online ecosystem will harness the collective know-how of Australian Agriculture for farmers by creating an online platform for two-way collaboration and learning.

The goal is to become farmer’s trusted online sidekick to enable them to connect with others, continuously learn and grow in their confidence in order to improve their farm businesses.

Read more about our vision here.

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What is the difference between Membership packages?

We have affordable options for any size business.

The differences in the packages relate to the level of detail in your organisation profile, the numbers of tags (what are tags?), uploads (what are uploads?) and the marketing of your business.

  1. The STARTER package is great for smaller businesses who have a limited number of products and services.
  2. The PREMIUM package is great for businesses that have a number of service areas and have products/services/events/content to share with farmers throughout the year.
  3. The PREMIUM PLUS+ is the ultimate package for businesses that want to share all of their new products/services/events/content throughout the year with farmers with no restrictions.

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What is an upload?

As part of your Business Membership, you are entitled to a number of “uploads”.

  • STARTER: 3
  • PREMIUM: 10
  • PREMIUM PLUS+: unlimited

We know content is king and we provide a place for you to share not just your business, but your content, your products, your staff, your story, your programs and your events. This is the purpose of an “upload”.

In your member dashboard, you will see the option to upload the following:

  1. Content for the Build Library
  2. Content for the Accelerate Library (innovation/agtech)
  3. Software and Apps
  4. Products and Equipment
  5. Events and Short Courses
  6. Training and Education Programs
  7. Grants and Funding Opportunities

These uploads will then be based within the Farm Table ecosystem.

Learn about how to upload here.

Learn about the conditions around uploads here.

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What is a business tag?

As part of your Business Membership, your organisation can choose a number of tags/categories that represent your business or service provision. The number of tags increases with your level of membership.

  • STARTER: 2
  • PREMIUM: 4
  • PREMIUM +: 8

Video walkthrough: Learn more here.

What are tags?

We want to know what your business does and the service you provide for farmers so we can best place your listing across the Farm Table ecosystem. This information is provided through tags/keywords.

These tags are very important as they do two key things:

  1. Farmers are able to find your business quickly and easily in our Central Table Business Directory based on their interests/needs
  2. Outside of the Business Directory, you get to choose where your organisation is also visible to farmers when they searching throughout the entire Farm Table ecosystem.

What tags are available?

The tags that you can choose are based on the key subject areas of the Farm Table. These will expand in time, but please let us know how we can more accurately reflect your business offering.

Can we choose any old tag?

No, the tags chosen must reflect the service or product offering of your business. We will review your tags and suggest any changes we feel are necessary.


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