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Is there a fee for Farmers to join Farm Table?

No there is no membership fee for Farmers or individuals to join the web portal.

A Farmer Member denotes any individual who is a:

  • A primary producer
  • Works/is a member of a farming business
  • Is an aspiring farmer or agricultural student

If you are:

  • An agribusiness professional
  • Work in a related agricultural industry
  • Work for an ag-tech/agri-service/consultant/agricultural input company
  • Work in a government or public organisation

…there are paid membership packages for agricultural companies as outlined on our Farm Table for Business page.

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I cannot login to my account or I’ve forgotten my login details

Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset your password by clicking the forgotten password link on the login page. Once you reset your password please check your email and follow our instructions to set a new password.

If for some reason this email didn’t come through check your Junk folder on your email system. Alternatively you can contact our help desk at support@farmtable.com.au

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How do I opt-out of emails?

To unsubscribe from our enewsletter or promotional emails, follow the unsubscribe link found in the footer of the email.

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