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What’s the difference between Events/Short Courses & Training/Education Programs?

There is a subtle, yet important distinction between whether you add an Event/Short Course or a Training/Education Program.

  • Events/Shorts Courses are time specific and more often that not, in the near future. They have a start and end date and go into the Farm Table Calendar.
  • Training/Education Programs are longer courses that are less time specific.

If you have any further questions, please email us at support@farmtable.com.au.

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What is a business tag/category?

As part of your Business Membership, your organisation can choose a tags/category that represent your business or service provision.

Video walkthrough: Learn more here.

What are tags?

We want to know what your business does and the service you provide for farmers so we can best place your listing across the Farm Table ecosystem. This information is provided through tags/keywords.

These tags are very important as they do two key things:

  1. Farmers are able to find your business quickly and easily in our Central Table Business Directory based on their interests/needs
  2. Outside of the Business Directory, you get to choose where your organisation is also visible to farmers when they searching throughout the entire Farm Table ecosystem.

What tags are available?

The tags that you can choose are based on the key subject areas of the Farm Table. These will expand in time, but please let us know how we can more accurately reflect your business offering.

Can we choose any old tag?

No, the tags chosen must reflect the service or product offering of your business. We will review your tags and suggest any changes we feel are necessary.


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How does my business upload content?

You must have a Business Membership to upload content, events, products and courses.

Once you have your membership (learn more about signing up here), you will have access to an additional menu.

In that menu, choose “My Uploads”. From there you can add software and apps, product and equipment, courses, events and grants. Your Business Starter Membership comes with one content upload. You are able to purchase additional uploads through your membership account.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide.

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How do I add a Business Listing to my profile?

Once you have registered with Farm Table for Business, the first step is to create a Business Listing.

This can be found in My Uploads –> Business Listing.

Watch this clip to understand how to upload a Business Listing and here for more information about categories/tags.

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How can my business claim content as ours?

There is a lot of content, events, products and services across the Farm Table ecosystem.

Once you have signed up for Farm Table for Business and you see something that belongs to your business and you would like to claim it in order to keep it updated and accurate, please email Airlie at airlie@farmtable.com.au with the associated links and we will transfer authorship to your organisation and it will show up in your business dashboard.

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Downloading resources

Generally speaking you shouldn’t have any trouble downloading resources within the webportal however if you do have trouble this is generally a caching issue. If you do experience this, the solution is is to use a “hard refresh” when you’re on the document page.

Here you force your browser to bypass the cache on your computer and re-download everything for the web page you are viewing from the server. This will typically ensure that you’re viewing the most recent version of your page. In Windows the shortcut for this is “Ctrl + F5” and on a Mac the shortcut is “Cmd + Shift + R.”

If the hard refresh doesn’t work please contact our help desk: support@farmtable.com.au

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