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Australia’s largest integrated agricultural platform

Farm Table is Australia’s first national knowledge exchange platform providing a unique yet vital service primarily for Australian farmers/producers as and all other members of the ag sector. It unifies all ag industry information, expertise, and opportunities into one place, making it an essential lifeline for all Australian agricultural industry members.

Farm Table is a trusted brand, recognised as Australia’s largest integrated agricultural resource hub. It delivers technologies, knowledge exchange capabilities, as well as an ever-growing audience and industry database to ensure the groundwork for a customised white-label platform is ready for you.

What is Farm Table?

Farm Table is a comprehensive agricultural platform, a synthesis of agricultural industry knowledge and information collated into one place to ensure producers, farmers, fishers and other industry members can access relevant information, easily and efficiently.

Farm Table acts as a producer’s online assistant by offering a vast selection of resources, know-how and opportunities – accessible from anywhere, and at any time. Farm’s Table’s essential services provide vital assistance to the collective which was once the time-consuming responsibility of the individual. This delivers a huge advantage to producers when they Farm Table provides a first of its kind platform where farmers go to grow.

Farm Table’s services link members into a thriving  network, improving information flow across the entire industry, contributing to a more connected, collaborative, and innovative Australian agricultural  sector.

Farm Table provides a first of its kind platform where farmers can go to grow.

Farm Table is key to helping primary producers  maintain and grow their productivity, to remain up to date, to explore opportunities, and to connect with  other farmers, farming services or industry specialists.

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