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'Alone we are great. Together we are brilliant.'

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Where can we go to find answers to farming questions from others farmers no matter where they are in the country?  

  • How can we capture and retain intergenerational knowledge and experience? 
  • What can we do to better support each other as we go through change or tough times? 

What is the Exchange? The Farmer Exchange is an online agricultural community where Aussie primary producers connect online.  

It is a simple solution to exponentially grow the network of producers you can draw upon to ask questions, and share your knowledge with.

It’s about building a place where farmers can help other farmers at a time that suits them, no matter where they live across Australia.  

Who is it for? Developed for farmers, for ALL farmers, fishers, farm staff and aspiring farmers across Australia.

When you can't tap on the shoulder of a neighbour or don't know who to call, turn to the Exchange community to help and be helped.

The Farmer Exchange will provide a central location for our knowledge to be logged, tagged and stored so that is easily accessible and transferable. In doing so, the Exchange will build a legacy library of questions and answers that are created, edited and organised by us – Australian farmers.

The Farmer Exchange has been made possible thanks to the contribution from the Farming Together Program.



Built by farmers, for farmers, the Exchange is a non-for-profit project. A collaborative project at no cost to you to use.


Farming-related question? Big? Small? Get help from farmers across the country who have "been there, done that"!


Get specific answers from others on the ground. Top answers, as voted by other farmers, are prioritised.


You have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Would you like to share it by answering another farmers question?


Simple and user-friendly for all ages and experience, you can find and follow questions of interest quickly and easily.


A friendly community where you can pass on thanks to farmers who share time and knowledge with you through the Exchange.


Connect with producers across the country in a similar enteprise or stage in life.


Geographically isolated or new to the industry? Grow your network and friendships.

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  •  Support to register and use the Exchange
The development of the Farmer Exchange is being driven by the Farm Table and 11 farmers from across Australia.

"I hope that the Farmer Exchange will be an active, evolving community of open and honest Australians. I hope that questioners feel comfortable in asking any questions, remembering that no question is silly.  

I hope that the Exchange reinvigorates parts of the Australian agricultural community that feel isolated; that they know and feel part of a community that champions their success and shares their failures. May it stir a sense of belonging.

 May it be a safe place for sharing. And may it be a passionate community with one driver – the success of Australian agriculture."

Aimee Snowden (Fodder Production & Little BRICK Pastoral, Tocumwal, NSW)

"I’m always seeking advice from experts and more experienced farmers to guide and assist and ensure I’m going in the right direction. The Farmer eXchange will open up the farming world exponentially for me, and many others.

I also like that it will enable older and more experienced farmers to contribute and share their knowledge, particularly those like me who may have a fear of public speaking. There aren’t a heap of avenues for these members of our community to share what they have learnt, particularly if they live in isolated areas or aren’t comfortable with the attention that speaking at an event comes with."

Hugh Landale Mixed Farming & Livestock, Pretty Pine, NSW)

"We really have a need to make agricultural 'community knowledge – the knowledge you use every day that another farmer might not know, or those tricks that Grandad taught me, whatever – accessible in today’s mobile/online environment. 

Never have I ever met a dumb farmer, nor a farmer who doesn’t help out his mates.  

This is a way to bring our smarts and our support into 2018, and stand tall next to the mining, “fin-tech” and other industries.

If we are not out of our depth and seeking new opportunities and asking questions, we will stagnate.”

Carissa Wolfe (Organic Dairy, Mid North Coast, NSW)

"I see real value in digital networks as a tool to provide peer support and capacity building for the development of a sustainable agriculture industry. 

Farming has historically been such an individual and isolating pursuit. Being able to build connections and peer-support through digital platforms offers huge benefits to the success of the industry and to the health and wellbeing of our farming community.

If we are separated we can’t tackle industry issues in unison. We have a real change to rally farmers together and push for solidarity as an industry."

Joel Orchard (Market Gardener, Future Feeders, Northern Rivers, NSW)

"What drew me to this project is the fact that it has not been done before and its ease of use will enable an online community for farmers where they can feel comfortable to ask questions and receive ideas that could enhance their farm businesses. 

To have this resource available to you, so you to get instant feedback from other farmers all over Australia is priceless.

It doesn’t matter if you are in an isolated rural community, you always have a specialist/neighbour on the Farmer eXchange who you can share and bounce ideas off."

Josh Small (Mixed Farming & Livestock, Deniliquin, NSW)

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!” Marissa Meyer  

Often I hear farmers of all ages say that it doesn’t matter how old they get, or how many years they’ve been farming, they are always learning something new. That is one of the many exciting things about the Farmer Exchange concept – not only do we all have something to contribute, but no matter who we are we will find value from learning from others. 

The Exchange enables an opportunity for farmers regardless of their geographical location or what their role or farming system is to connect, contribute and collaborate. 

Lauren Peterson (Dairy Farmer, Boorcan, Vic)

"Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a farmer. I am lucky enough to have been doing the job I love for 20+ years and will continue to do it for many years to come. 

I got involved in the Farmer Exchange project after seeing the Farm Table website. It is something I see as a great opportunity to enable farmers from all levels to be able to communicate and learn. I am excited to be part of it.

I see it as a great way of reaching a broad range of people of varying experience with any question you may have, it will also give me the chance to help other agricultural people with any questions they may have." 

Matthew Young (Horticulture and Livestock, East Sassafras, Tas)  

"I am lucky here with the connections and relationships I have built over the years with trusted advisors that are key to our operation here. I call on these guys for advice a lot. I also have a great circle of friends, that I can throw ideas off and ask questions.  

However, I can easily see that not everyone is as fortunate as I am in this regard, and therefore when I heard about the Farmer Exchange , I saw it as an exciting opportunity for farmers to share their own knowledge, ideas and experience with younger and less experienced farmers, who are keen and eager to learn, however haven’t got those networks readily available to them."

David Armstrong (Broadacre Cropping & Livestock, Junee, NSW)

Lewis Johnstone (Broadacre Cropping, Williams, WA) 

Tegan Bathgate (Beef Production, Clermont, Qld) 

Stuart Austin (Beef Production, Hernani, NSW)  

Airlie Trescowthick (Mixed Farming and Farm Table)

Want to learn more? Access our Farmer Exhange Information Pack here.